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The troubling dimensions of attacks in Jordan and Lebanon  
Attacks by Islamic State terrorists in Jordan and Lebanon in the past week reflect a troubling new angle to that group’s strategy as its heartland in northern Syria and Iraq increasingly shrinks in the face of coordinated military attacks against it.

A court case in Egypt worth watching  
The issue that has suddenly become a drama is the fate of two Egyptian-controlled Red Sea islands that Sisi “gave” or “returned” to Saudi Arabia in April, during a visit to Egypt by the Saudi Arabian king.

Syria suffers the consequences of incoherent statecraft by many  
Perhaps it is time to acknowledge that this is more than just a routine policy disagreement in the United States government. This is full-fledged incoherence at the level of global statecraft.

Ethnicity: impassioned, impermanent, important  
Ethnic passions have pervaded the modern world-system since its inception. They seem however to have become more ferocious and to consume more of our political energies in the last thirty years or so.

Americans’ attitudes to Mideast war migrants are largely noble  
A survey administered during a moment of high emotions about refugees, immigrants, and terrorism, indicates some polarization on the issue of accepting war-related refugees from the Arab region, along with a generous American spirit of assisting and welcoming the needy.

Condemn terror and get beyond the moral vacuum  
There are tens of thousands of more terrorists operating in the world today than there were in September 2001 when the global war on terror was launched. Something is not working here.

Anticipate a globalized Islamist virtual gangster cult  
The “state” in “Islamic State” will collapse — but IS will not disappear.

I hear desperate cries for a credible mediator  
When half a dozen major players today signal their interest in reviving a serious Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiation, it is time to call their bluff.

The increasingly unstable United States  
U.S. dominance of the world-system began to come undone circa 1970, unraveling ever since, and increasingly. There are many signs of this — some within the United States and some in changing attitudes of the rest of the world towards the United States.

International law works best when applied consistently  
This week, three very different cases converge on whether legal codes, restrictions, and punishments will be applied consistently to all countries and individuals, or will be applied selectively on the basis of political alliances and self-interest.




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