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Is joint Arab militarism really the answer?  
Perhaps this is the moment to ponder whether excessive reliance on militarism as a response to political and ideological disagreements and socio-economic disparities is in fact the appropriate solution, or actually one of the causes of the problems we face.

Time to welcome — and assist — the Europeans  
A strong Palestinian statement supporting the EU initiative and offering constructive breakthrough proposals, with explicit Arab backing, would be a welcomed first move this week.

Post-Britain: Does It Matter?  
Cameron should savor his unexpected victory in the British elections because he (and Great Britain's financial elites) may actually come to regret it — quite soon.

May 15 is an appropriate moment to remember…May 15, 1948  
This Friday, May 15, marked the 67th anniversary of the 1948 Palestinian exile and displacement, which occurred as a result of the creation of the state of Israel. That fact matters still today, and we ignore it and its consequences at our peril.

Attack ISIS’ drivers to defeat it  
It’s not the war against ISIS that is “long,” it’s rather the conditions of inequity, oppression, imperial reach, state violence, and mass deprivation that have gone on for so long that they have finally erupted in the form of the terrible revenge called ISIS.

Narrow ethno-nationalism plagues all in the Middle East  
The entire Middle East region continues shifting toward increasingly narrow state identities and government policies that are defined by a combination of narrow ethnicity, increased militarism and religious conservatism.

Vulnerable, abused citizens lead to unstable states  
Arab societies are brittle, volatile, violent and fragmenting in many cases because there is no effective check on the exercise of power by indigenous or external powers, which leaves average Arab citizen totally exposed and helpless.

The Greek melodrama, or Who really wants what?  
By any definition, what is going on in Greece today, or rather what is going on between Greece and outside countries and institutions, is a melodrama, a melodrama of epic proportions.

Grasp this window to hold killers accountable  
This UN report that addresses the actions of Israelis and Palestinians in the Gaza war is an opportunity to dare to move towards holding chronic killers accountable. It should not be missed.

A needed intellectual jolt to Israel-Palestine justice and peace  
If we do not consider new ways to achieve a comprehensive peace settlement that responds to the just demands of both sides, we will only guarantee that we will keep responding to the political extremism, militant religiosity and hardened despair on both sides that perpetually fuel rockets and death




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