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Continuing Nuclear Proliferation  
If there is no accord between the United States and Iran, the finger will be pulled out of the dyke.

Cure Rot by Exposing It to Fresh Air  
I applaud the decision to withdraw the honorary degree invitation, because Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s wild and mostly false criticisms of the Islamic faith should not be honored with a degree from a quality university like Brandeis.

Lebanon Rejoins the Arab World  
Now that Lebanon also emphatically mirrors the ideological tensions and more directly takes part in the political violence that defines most of the region, it loses its former status as an exceptional Arab land.

Another Hollow Arab ‘Reform’ Promise  
Talk of reform or political pluralism is what Arab dictators do when they feel they are being pressured by their own people.

Hints for a Workable Negotiating ‘Framework’  
A quality in both Daniel Kurtzer’s text and his character is missing from the public pronouncements of U.S. officials.

Libertarian Politics in the United States  
The previous two-party swing of compromise between two parties that are not all that different may not be able to survive the intrusion of Libertarianism into the heart of U.S. politics. Libertarians are now a somewhat unpredictable joker.

Zionism’s Fanatics Face New Landscapes  
A new trend in the United States is that traditional Zionist intimidation tactics are losing some of their effectiveness—other than against American presidential candidates who will remain fully compliant with Zionist demands.

Please Spare Us the Gamal Abdel Nasser Imagery  
Virtually everything that has led to the collective mismanagement, mediocrity, and, in most places, pauperization of the Arab world in the past two generations usually can be traced back to the perverse innovations of the Nasser years.

Our Many Ways of Death and Shame  
How many ways are there to die in the Arab world today, other than an act of nature or a natural death? Let me count the ways…

Religion, Politics and Aggrieved Citizens  
Although the Muslim Brotherhood failed, its supporters and millions of other Arabs still seek a more effective way to harness the power of their faith values and their practical expectations as citizens.




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