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The common test facing Mosul, Iraq, and the entire Arab world  
The evolution of Mosul and post-Mosul capture a set of common challenges that apply across the entire Arab world.

Colombia: A bright light is extinguished  
The exceptional bright light of Colombia has been extinguished. Colombia is now like all the other areas of unending conflict.

Time to explore new responses to war crimes  
It is time to explore credible and effective mechanisms that can investigate war crimes allegations by all concerned parties, no matter how powerful or wealthy they may be.

On Syria, this is fantasy sports season in the United States  
Why I see the public debate about Syria in the United States today as infantile.

How can political shift to the right be stopped?  
The problem for the left is priorities. We live in a world in which the geopolitical power of the United States is in constant decline. And we live in a world in which the world-economy is seriously reducing state and personal incomes.

Shutting Arab minds and mouths leads to disaster  
An important reason for the frailty and turbulence of the modern Arab world, in my view, was highlighted this week by two events in Jordan and Oman.

Why $37 billion in US aid to Israel endangers us all  
Barack Obama says in his United Nations General Assembly speech Tuesday that Israel cannot forever expect to control and colonize the occupied Palestinian territories — days after he concluded a $38 billion aid package to Israel.

Secular Stagnation, or is it worse?  
It is my argument that the modern world-system entered into this structural crisis circa 1970 and will remain in it for another 20-40 years. If we wish to assess useful action, we need to bear in mind two different temporalities, the short term (at most three years) and the middle term.

America’s greatness and darkness emerge together  
The wider tragedy of the past 15 years demands of all of us greater efforts to affirm the goodness and equal rights of all people, rather than perpetuate the dangerous and arrogant fantasy of any self-appointed greatest nation on earth.




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