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Israelis, Palestinians: desperately seeking leadership  
Small majorities of both people still cling to the idea that a negotiated two-state solution could happen. What is lacking is leadership.

Omran’s picture elicits deep Arab anger — and fear  
The case of Omran will only add to the cycle of fear and resentment that drives the many wars in Syria, now dominated by the intense Syrian and Russian aerial attacks against rebel, terrorist, and civilian targets.

Beat Islamic State in the three battlegrounds of its birth  
Unless and until the Arab world’s political and socio-economic dimensions are addressed and significantly improved, Islamic State (Daesh) or other movements like it, or even worse than it, will continue to emerge from our Arab societies.

South Africa's ANC is slipping away  
South Africa has now shifted from a democratic model that it has claimed to be, to being a center of internal turmoil of a sort that might be difficult to label as democratic.

Erdoğan at Gülen’s party  
Would Hitler have spoken at a May Day gala thrown by the German Communist Party in 1933? I think not. But I sat at the same table with Erdoğan at Gülen’s Waldorf Astoria gala in 2013.

Syria’s many lessons captured in a monumental book  
Charles R. Lister’s The Syrian Jihad: Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the Evolution of an Insurgency presents a month-by-month history of the transformation of Syria into the epicenter of a new “global jihad.”

Aleppo captures the generational battle of the whole Arab world  
The outcome of military and political developments in Aleppo in the coming months will clarify critical dimensions of the Syria conflict that also reverberate widely across the region.

The meaning of Lebanon’s stalled governance system  
The Lebanese are very able, resilient, and creative, and they will have to draw on all their assets to get out of this embarrassing and unprecedented situation.

Many early warning signs signaled current Arab disarray  
Ten significant developments across the Arab world since the mid-1970s — early warning signs that raise the question of whether today we acknowledge and act on early warning signs, or just repeat the mistakes of the past.




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