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The battle forces against ISIS remain incomplete  
If ISIS and other such movements are to be defeated, and not reappear in new forms that are shaped by the same underlying drivers of discontent, we need to see tangible signs of change in the way Arab societies are governed.

Combating the Islamic State: The real options  
The Islamic State (IS) is pursuing its clearly stated objective of a greatly expanded caliphate by using extreme brutality deliberately. Why then cannot there be a coalition of those who are opposed to the IS and its expansionary threats? The answer is very simple. They all have other priorities.

A milestone in United States-Israel relations  
The fact that we now see strong, public criticisms of Netanyahu from the belly of the Israel-loving beast that is the U.S. Congress suggests that a significant political and historical marker has been passed.

Sisi's joint Arab military idea is stunningly idiotic  
The idea of joint Arab action for common security needs is a good one in principle, but given the legacy of Arab military actions at home and abroad, it makes no sense whatsoever, on many counts.

Honesty and dishonesty in fighting violent extremism  
Unusual for American senior officials speaking about the Middle East or Arab-Islamic dynamics, here is a case of refreshingly accurate, honest and relevant talk from a U.S. president.

Only fools confuse religion with criminality  
1,399,925,000 Muslims live in peace and a middle class commitment to family values, education and hard work—more like old-fashioned Protestant work ethic legacies than anything else I have witnessed in my life.

Multiculturalism and its dilemmas  
Can we support the inevitable and desirable form of multiculturalism that is the basis of a fruitful peaceful interchange of cultural values throughout the world?

Rep. John Yarmuth matters and deserves our respect  
The statement of Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) as to why he will not attend Netanyahu’s forthcoming speech to Congress is substantive and eye-catching, and worth reading and pondering.

Yemen and the agony of the modern Arab era  
While Yemen is a telling lesson in how not to practice stable statehood, it also requires more urgent attention because it poses real and major danger to others in the region and the world.

Jordan today reflects Arab strengths and weaknesses  
Jordan’s dilemma, which is on full display today, is that its strengths are also its weaknesses.




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