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Palestinians deserve better than Netanyahu and Abbas  
The behavior of the Israeli leadership is criminal. The behavior of the Palestinian leadership is incompetent. The Palestinian people deserve much better than this on both counts.

Resurgence of the World Left?  
After the rightward swing of the last decade or so, the pendulum is going the other way. How much difference does this make?

America re-learns the hard lessons of global militarism  
A bad local situation is always made far worse when American or other foreign powers send in their armed forces and open fire at will, because they shatter the local political landscapes as well as the thin credibility of the United States as a useful or reliable partner.

Walls and home demolitions only aggravate political tensions  
Situations like those in Lebanon and Egypt require deep discussions among citizens and their public officials that address the serious grievances that have been put on the table. Home demolitions and concrete walls represent the most severe antithesis of serious political engagement.

Passions about migrants  
In a world in which almost any subject seems to arouse deep cleavages within and among countries, arguably the one that has today the deepest and geographically widest resonance is migrants.

Pioneering Qatari women transcend private, public spheres  
During my stay in Doha last week, a month-long public exhibition called Her Majlis (Majlis’ha) opened at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University student center.

Our common political vocabulary of violence  
The Middle East today is in such bloody and tragic turmoil for many different reasons, but one of them is that the five major powers of the region and the two global powers are all at war simultaneously.

Arabs watch as Lebanon navigates a crucial moment  
The protesters vision of the role of the state and their rights as citizens is very different from how the establishment men in the national dialogue see the citizen and the state.

What do we learn from the Iran agreement experience?  
What lessons have we learned from this process? Perhaps not much new, but some clarity on old understandings of the relationship between the United States and Israel.

U.S. Presidential elections  
The U.S. media are showing that the prospective 2016 presidential elections in the United States are a striking shift in tone and process from anything previously known. I don't believe that is true.




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