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Creating or Evading the Gates of Hell?  
Three principal developments in and around the Arab world: The combined American-Arab Gulf states air strikes in Syria, the control of the Yemeni capital by Houthi rebels, and the meeting in New York between the Saudi Arabian and Iranian foreign ministers.

Shameful Hamas-Fateh Behavior Must Stop  
That Hamas and Fateh do not consummate a unified Palestinian government does not only reflect irresponsibility and incompetence on their part, but in view of the difficult context for Palestinians as a whole it is nothing less than a crime.

The Reluctant Posse  
It is not surprising that when the threat becomes really serious, Arab leaders wait for the United States to save their skins.

The United States Heading for a Crash  
The people of the Middle East want to run their own show, not fulfill a U.S. vision of what's said to be good for them.

Hard to Be Confident in the Coalition-to-Come  
Several troubling aspects of the American-led military plan to defeat the “Islamic State”

Polarization and Solidarity Coexist in Arab Societies  
Why is it that otherwise rational men and women cannot sit down together and hammer out agreements on fair power-sharing, representation, decision-making, and accountability?

We Do Not Need a Rerun of the War on Terror  
The GWOT, with its armed invasions, regime changes, drone fleets and other means, has only sustained and even expanded the Al-Qaeda/“Islamic State” phenomenon, because the twin drivers of Arab-Asian autocracy and foreign aggression remain virtually untouched.

Strengths and Weaknesses in the Palestinian Initiative  
Abbas is behaving more like a parent who promises his or her children a birthday surprise than a responsible leader who has been handed responsibility for the fate of some eight million Palestinians entering their fourth generation of exile, occupation and refugeehood.

Merkel and Putin: Ukrainian Diplomacy  
Will the Ukraine conflict escalate into an actual military conflict based on old Cold War themes? The efforts of Merkel and Putin will persist even as the rhetoric grows more strident.

Panic or a Coming of Age in the Gulf?  
The UAE air attack in Libya clarifies a major shift underway in the worldviews and self-perceived roles of leading Arab states, who now throw their weight around the Middle East in a direct manner they never did previously.




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