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Resolving Gaza Starts from 1947-48  
To analyze the many conflicts in our region one must separate the short-term reactions that drive some people from the more long-term and structural processes normally associated with state-building. And so with Gaza.

Washington Absurdity, Arab Helplessness  
Washington’s quest for a ceasefire in Gaza while wholeheartedly supporting and arming Israel’s onslaught against Palestinian civilians reflects the frightening extent of bankrupt Arab diplomacy and the true nature of the US government siding with Israel.

The Three Dimensions of War  
Israeli military assaults like the one in Gaza these days cause Israel to lose ground in all three domains of this war: enhance Palestinian military resistance; sharped global pressure against Israel’s savagery; and, deepen Palestinians’ nationalist identity.

Germany and the United States: Unprecedented Breach  
On July 10, the German government demanded the immediate departure of the head of the CIA mission in Berlin. Such demands are not unusual, even between ostensible allies. What is unusual is that it should be publicly announced, and with much fanfare.

A Century of Zionist-Palestinian Wars  
Exiled and subjugated communities like the Palestinians behave in ways that seem strange to middle class consumers in faraway lands. This can only be understood by appreciating the nature of “resistance” and the allure of “liberation.”

The 19th Century Never Ended in Palestine  
This conflict started in the late 1890s when the First Zionist Congress called for the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine and the promotion of Zionist settlements in that land which was over 90 percent owned and inhabited by Palestinian Arabs.

Another Palestinian Intifada is unlikely  
Palestinians are too smart to repeat a valiant feat in which mass popular resistance was matched only by ineffective leadership, sharper Israeli colonial assertion, and a mostly indifferent or distracted world.

Lessons from the Renewed Attacks in Palestine and Israel  
This is the tragedy of what happens when determined warriors and mediocre political leaders on all sides meet in the arena of clashing nationalisms.




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