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The cycle of death is no surprise  
Such violence is not going to achieve anything that could help us find a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The status quo in Palestine will never remain calm for very long while Israel continues to expropriate and steal Arab lands.

Only active citizens can save their precarious states  
The precarious status of half a dozen countries, which run the risk of collapsing or fragmenting into smaller units, is a defining issue of the Arab world today.

NATO: Danger to world peace  
Renouncing NATO as a structure would be a first step towards sanity and the world's survival.

Is Jerusalem the last battle?  
Living in a political vacuum, Palestinians in Jerusalem have only themselves to rely on to defend their lands and rights, and in cases of extreme threats and violence used against them, they resort to violence such as we are witnessing these days.

Impressive citizenship in Professor Horn’s class in Boston  
Public officials in the United States who seek sensible advise on how to govern should attend a few sessions of Professor Denise Horn’s introductory class on International Affairs and Globalization at Northeastern University in Boston.

President Rivlin’s important, intriguing gesture  
One of the few times in recent memory that a senior Israeli official makes a personal gesture that touches the core of Palestinian pain.

Left Victory in Brazil: World Consequences  
Hurrah for Brazil, where the most important of four elections — Brazil, Uruguay, Ukraine, and Tunisia — has been held. But there as elsewhere, the game is not over.

Egypt follows US and Israeli failed strategies  
When heavy-handed anti-terror actions demean, kill, injure or ruin the lives of civilians, some of these civilians end up joining the militant groups, simply to exact revenge against those who attacked them.

Lessons from the historic Tunisian elections  
The Tunisian elections Sunday were the most significant domestic and national political development in the history of the modern Arab world since its creation a century ago.

The rule of law triumphs — sort of — in the USA  
Punishing a few hired gunmen while ignoring the responsibility of the political leadership of the United States and Great Britain that waged this criminal war in Iraq in the name of their entire nations is a gross abdication of responsibility.




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